We focus on business growth

It's about bringing you the ideal customer

Any SEO company can run a keyword report and try and get you 5 or 10 long tail keywords. We focus on the phrases that are buying phrases, the ones that actually bring business first. Then we go after the highest traffic phrases so that you are visible throughout the buying process. As people start the buying process they do not go to page 2, they modify their search. If you show up over and over you are seen as the authority.

Its also a good idea to provide as much information to your future clients, its the best way to water that garden. Show them that you are someone who is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and really care about it, They know you will do a good job.


Understanding Business Needs

There is only one first position so we will not work for your competition. If another person in your market calls and they overlap with you, we turn them down. It’s really that simple!


The first thing we do is research the keywords that are relevant to your business. Finding the most important keywords is vital to the rest of the work.

On Page

Most websites just do not do a good job of telling the search engines what you want to show up for. Solving this issue will help your site rank for more search terms

Link Building

The more links you have from sites that the search engines trust the more trust the search engines have in your site. We only build high quality hand entered links

Competition Metrics

We not only evaluate your website, we evaluate the websites of your competition to see what we need to do to overcome them.

Deep Site

We will do a deep audit of not just the site but all of your digital assets to see how we can make the most impact the quickest. You would not believe how many people have broken inbound links that we can fix and have a very quick impact on.

Technical SEO

This involves things like making your site faster, fixing 404 errors, adding schema data, structured snippets and any mixed content issues affecting your SSL


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Local SEO

Highly Technical Local SEO


Local SEO Includes

Get Ranking Now!

High Competition Local SEO

If you are in a very competitive niche


High Competition Local SEO Includes

Daily Posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & More

High Competition Local & Social Media

Full Service Digital Marketing


High Competition Local & Social Media Includes

SEO, Social Media, Re-Targeting & Adwords


How Your Website Is Performing?

If you need visitors now, PPC can bring fast clients.

Profitable Pay Per Click Requires A Deep Understanding of Google Adwords, Including its Flaws and How to Overcome Them.

If you let them Google will deplete your budget without delivering much in the way of results. Its vital to have some set up your adwords who knows what they are doing.

Manage Your PPC Dollars: Set a Sensible Budget

Do not let Google tell you what you need to spend. By entering negative keywords you can drastically reduce the amount of waste in PPC. Using phrase match or even exact match searches will also reduce waste.

Good Writing: Don’t Ignore It

How the ad is worded will have a big impact on click through rate. Including the most relevant keywords in the ad copy will also help your ad score improving your impressions.

Track Conversions

No matter how you set it up Google will try and send you terrible useless traffic. Its vital to track this and add anything stupid that they send you to negative keywords to make sure they do not send it again.

Find Niche Keywords: Long-tail Keyword Strategy

Many times people want the term that is searched the most, but that search will often be for many things, then when they do not find what they want they modify the search. So on that keyword you might be wasting as much as two thirds of the traffic that is irrelevant. So choosing the keywords that more specifically explain what you offer they will convert at a higher rate.
High Quality Daily Social Media Posting

Find more client with regular postings

When you make a post on social media it will be more likely to be seen for about 24 hours. So by posting every single day you are more likely to catch people as they are browsing. The alternative is to boost the post so that it stays higher. The costs are pretty close to the same. So if you have one post that you know is great it can be boosted. But if you have multiple things to market the daily positing is best.